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There are many two-legged friends who make this ranch function smoothly, but it is the strength, intelligence, gentleness and boundless patience of our four-legged friends that make it so beautiful.


Junior & BessMckenney ranch carriage rides
This brother and sister Belgium team has been together their whole lives and has done it all from farming to keeping a load of folks safe on the carriage when a heliocopter landed beside them. No matter how scary or busy a place is for them, they are always the same... calm and reliable.
Junior is the protector and loyal teammate who's not much of a lover, but a very willing worker. He is a pro at getting his halter off and is always ready for a handout. After a job well done, there is nothing he likes better than a good roll in the dirty... maybe mud is even better.
Bess will always meet you at the fence with a healthy appetite for carrots and attention. She got loose once at a fair and made a beeline for the trailer. I'm sure she thought nobody would find her in the crowds and she just wanted to get back to work.

mckenney ranch carriage ridesTony & Tommy
A team of brothers who have worked together their entire lives doing everything from farming to fancy carriage rides. Everybody loves this team of Clydesdales. Many folks look forward to seeing them every year at our regular events and even remember their names. They are gentle giants that love kids and people of all ages. They are fun to drive and do have quite a sense of humor.  Tommy & Tony have been shown and demonstrated driving at many horse expos. They love to load up into the trailer to and from a job and snack the whole way.


mckenney ranch
Clara & Corey Ann
This Belgium pair have hitch class gear and love to move out in a high stepping trot with lots of heart. They love to be ridden and involved in farm activity. Clara is particularly clever at jumping over gates.


mckenney ranch carriage rides
Big John
This Percheron Friesian cross is about 28 years old and is now a semi-retired solo artist after the passing of his teammate. He has been here at McKenney Ranch for about 10 years and has had a career of carriage work and some riding. He loves to stand at weddings and enjoys all the people, excitement and attention. Enjoys a good belly rub, back rub, neck rub.... hey this guy loves all the attention he can steal. He is also pretty good at sneaking out and making a dash for the wheat field. It is amazing how such a big, black horse can turn invisible. Often Big John's job is baby sitting, human and horse alike. Whether it's a child perched upon his back or he supervises the learning of a young colt or filly, Big John is a very capable nanny.
mckenney ranch carriage rides
Todd & Toby
A team of Belgium mules standing at 16.1 hands that can read your mid before you even get out of the house. Toby keeps Todd in line and will reach over to straighten him out if he is not performing they way he should. They have more experience at shows and farming than carriage work, but are getting better every event. Todd and Toby are watch dogs for the farm - nothing happens without them knowing. Whatever you do, don't be late with their grain... they'll let you know!
mckenney ranch carriage ridesWinston
This Percheron Friesian cross is our latest member, weighing 2000lbs, hailing from Canada. He has been used in Dressage as well as driving. He has a lot of class. He loves baths and looks majestic in a gleaming harness with all the chrome sparkling. All in all Winston is a great horse even if he has had some difficulty with a name and language change. How we have all heard "You calling me, eh?" He also seems to have grown to like the love/hate relationship with the boss mare in the stall beside him. "What can you do, eh?"
This handsome fella is starting his solo career with style. As a former team artist, Pacino found his breakout moment when the big fellow Winston had a bad hair day and just wouldn't perform. Watch out Winston! This guy has patience and pizazz.  Photos to come!

 Owners The McKenny's with Tommy & Tony